Winter HVAC Saving Tips

Winter Saving Tips

Winter is here and so are Colley’s free tips on how to save energy and money while maintaining your comfort. • If you’re at home during the day, take advantage of the natural heat from the sunlight. Open your south facing curtains to allow the beautiful sunlight to warm up your home. Be sure to

What’s That Burning Smell?

Temperatures are lowering in Texas, meaning it could be the first time you’re turning on your heater this year. Turning on a heater after a couple of months of inactivity could expel a nasty, musty, and even burning smell. Not only is the scent unpleasant but it could be quite irritating and uncomfortable to those

Your Home DIY Dos and Donts of Air Conditioning

Taking care of your air conditioning needs at home is a simple, easy, and cost efficient way to resolve minor issues. It’s important to educate yourself on what the average homeowner is able to accomplish but also know when it’s time to call your local professional for help. Below are some critical DO’s and DON’T’s

5 Ways to Save Money on Energy This Summer

It seems as if it gets hotter and hotter with each passing summer and Texas homeowners are relying on air conditioners more than ever. During the hottest months of the year, the electricity bill can really run up but fortunately for us, there are a few smart, energy-saving tips we can incorporate to alleviate that

How to Hire an HVAC Expert and Avoid Scammers

Air conditioning systems are an investment but choosing the installer is JUST as important as the equipment. When looking to hire an HVAC expert, make sure to incorporate our tips to ensure you minimize any unwanted situations Verify their credibility! Check their papers – check for the air conditioning company’s licensing, workman’s compensation, and liability

Summer Maintenance Guide Heating Air Conditioning AC Ventilation

Your HVAC Summer Maintenance Guide

Having AC during the summer is absolutely crucial for the Houston and Brazoria County areas. The last thing you need is for your system to unexpectedly break down. So what can you do as a homeowner to ensure your system will be performing optimally? Read our steps below: REGULARLY check and replace your air filters

HVAC Quality Install Matters

A Quality Install Matters

When investing in a new air conditioner, you may be looking at factors such as the efficiency or SEER rating of the equipment. In reality, one of the most significant factors that play into your new AC is well… the actual installation! Learn why a quality install matters. Although choosing the right equipment for your

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Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Centralized heating and air systems has become widely popular with almost every home and business having one installed in the nation. Although the popular continues to rise, many home and business owners fail to prioritize HVAC maintenance. Routine and preventive HVAC maintenance is one of the most important and beneficial services you can do for

Indoor Air Quality | Types of Indoor Pollutants

The 3 Types of Indoor Pollutants

1. Particulate Problem: Particulates are tiny particles suspended in the air. Common particulates include residential pollen, dust mites, dust, smoke and dander (skin flakes). Particulate diameters are measured in microns and range from .001 to 1,000 microns. These dimensions represent the continuum from a few molecules up to the size where particles can no longer be