5 Tips to Choosing a Trustworthy HVAC Company

Published On December 6, 2022


Chances are you don’t have a lot of experience consulting with HVAC companies, because you only need one at the exact moment you need one, which isn’t all that often. And the first time you search for a company to work on your furnace or air conditioner, it’s probably an emergency, you’re in a bit of a hurry and a little stressed, and you’re not likely to ask, “Are you a trustworthy HVAC company?” because you know they’ll obviously answer yes, whether it’s true or not. So, how would you know?

  1. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to share information, particularly when you’re looking for a business that provides a service you need. So first off, ask around. At least one friend or someone else you know has needed HVAC services and can recommend a company.
  2. Make sure the company you select provides the work you need, and that they can get you scheduled quickly. If you’re experiencing an emergency, there’s a good chance someone else is also having an emergency and called the same company you did.
  3. Keep in mind online reviews can sometimes be skewed by a bad review from a disgruntled customer or former employee, so check through the comments and read them to determine their credibility, and to ensure the good reviews substantially outnumber the bad ones.
  4. Review the experience of the company and read the testimonials (if any) posted on their website. Testimonials are a great way to read about other customers’ experiences with the company. 
  5. Take the time to call a few companies and get quotes from them. You won’t get an exact estimate unless you can tell them exactly what specific part has malfunctioned and why, but if you describe your situation the same way to each company you call, you will get an idea of who has the better price, and possibly who will provide better service.

You don’t want just anybody milling around your basement or crawl space, getting mud on your carpet and driving the dog and cat crazy every time the repairman goes back out to the truck to get the tool they forgot. When your furnace goes out, you want it repaired right away, but it’s important to spend a little time doing some research to find an HVAC company that you can trust to provide outstanding workmanship and reliable customer service.

Over the past 40 years, Colley Refrigeration has earned a reputation as an outstanding HVAC service company in Lake Jackson, Texas. We’re ranked among the top 20 contractors in the U.S.  and have received the honor of RUUD’s National Top Award Winner. When you want the best for your home, reach out to us to schedule an appointment or request a quote. There’s a very good chance the friend you ask for advice will mention us. We’re a name you can trust.

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