5 Ways to Save Money on Energy This Summer

Published On August 23, 2018

5 Ways to Save Money

It seems as if it gets hotter and hotter with each passing summer and Texas homeowners are relying on air conditioners more than ever. During the hottest months of the year, the electricity bill can really run up but fortunately for us, there are a few tips for saving money with AC that can help alleviate that cost.

  1. A/C Tune Up – one of the most beneficial air conditioning tips to save energy is getting regular tune-ups. Even if it seems like your system is “working”, there may be internal issues that can lead to an air conditioner break down. Make sure to schedule your air conditioner tune up to ensure your system is running at optimal efficiency. You can lower the cost of your electricity bill AND prevent future costly repairs with regularly planned maintenance.
  2. Replacing Your Air Filters – we cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly replace your dirty air filters. Neglecting a dirty filter can restrict air flow, making your system work harder than it has to and increasing your energy bills. Not only can it increase your utility cost but it can even wear out your system faster. Air filters are inexpensive and easy to replace and you can always contact Colley if you’re unsure of what kind of filter to purchase and how often you should be replacing them.
  3. Keeping Your Vents Clear – closing and blocking your vents can actually limit your air conditioner’s efficiency. Do a quick check around your home to make sure no furniture or external items are blocking your supply air vents and return air vents.
  4. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat – a smart thermostat makes saving energy with AC easier. With a smart thermostat, you can  adjust your thermostat settings regardless of where you are. From just a touch on your phone, you can warm up the home a couple of degrees while you’re away to save money on your bills. Smart thermostats can even learn your habits and adjust automatically or you can choose to set certain temperatures at certain times.
  5. Block Out Sunlight – although it may be tempting to allow the natural light in, allowing additional sunlight to enter your home means that you’re also allowing the heat to come with it. The added sunlight and heat in your home will make your air conditioner work harder just to cool your home down again. You can avoid unnecessarily higher bills by just keeping your blinds shut.

These are just a few of our highly recommended tips for saving energy with AC (and money, too!). If you are looking for additional upgrades to your home’s air conditioning system to save even more money, you can contact us at Colley (979) 265-4711! We’re your full service air conditioning and heating company based in Clute, serving the Brazoria County, Houston and surrounding areas.

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