A Quality Install Matters

Published On May 20, 2018

When investing in a new air conditioner, you may be looking at factors such as the efficiency or SEER rating of the equipment. In reality, one of the most significant factors that play into your new AC is well… the actual installation! Learn why a quality install matters.

Although choosing the right equipment for your home is important, making sure that your equipment is properly installed will make a vast difference in your system’s performance and life.
One of the most common reasons homeowners even consider purchasing new equipment is the hope that their new system will be more energy efficient. Having more energy efficient systems will ideally result in lower energy bills. Although this is true, having an improperly installed unit can decrease its operating efficiency as much as 30% according to Energy Star. That’s 30% of energy and money being wasted due to poor install.

Having performance issues will add stress to your system causing it to wear down faster. If you have properly installed equipment, not only will your system be optimally performing but you can elongate the life of your system as well. Ensuring that your system will last longer will give you more bang for your buck and allow your system to serve you for the expected time period or longer.

Essentially, you would want your new install to be done right the first time. This will allow for optimal performance, lower bills, extending your system’s life, and minimizing future repairs. Protect your investment by choosing a quality installer. Colley is located in Clute, TX servicing the Brazoria County, Houston and surrounding areas. Call us today (979) 265-4711!

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