How to Manage Humidity Inside Your Home

Published On February 3, 2023

Humidity Inside

Managing Indoor Humidity

You want the inside of your home to be dry, but some conditions can cause your appliances, bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and laundry room walls to “sweat.” When you live in a humid area, the inside of your home can often feel muggy and sticky. During colder months, your rooms can feel damp after you take a hot bath or shower, run the dryer, or boil potatoes. That unwanted moisture not only feels uncomfortable, it can also have negative effects on your interior paint, the wood in your attic, and on the fabric of your clothes and furniture. Water damage is one of the biggest insurance claims homeowners make annually in the United States.

The two primary reasons your home may have too much internal humidity are because of poor ventilation, either from leaks around the windows and doors of your home or due to an inefficient ventilation system, and your HVAC unit cannot remove the excessive moisture from the air. Most often this is the biggest reason for too much interior humidity.

Size Matters When It Comes to Your HVAC System

It might be because your heating and cooling system was too small originally to handle the airflow of your house, or it has been rendered too small with the addition of a room or other space. Conversely, it could be that your AC is too big for your home and cools the air too quickly before it has had a chance to remove the moisture from inside your home, a condition known as short cycling. It could also be just the simple matter that your original system has become old and outdated and lacks the strength to sufficiently handle the airflow of your home. Damaged or improperly maintained (or installed) ductwork can also cause poor air ventilation.

You could try to remove unwanted moisture from inside your home with small dehumidifiers stationed all around your house, but that solution is costly, inefficient, and does nothing to mitigate mold and other air quality problems. The best way to correct excessive humidity in your home is to have your central heating and air system inspected. Maybe just an easy repair will dry out your home, or you might need a longer-term fix like a new HVAC system that is correctly sized to fit your space. In the long run, that might be the most efficient and least costly remedy.

Your Professional HVAC Company

For more than 40 years, Colley Refrigeration has been a premier company in Lake Jackson for HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. If you have questions about the humidity in your home, reach out to us. We’ve got honest answers to your HVAC questions!

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