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Located northeast of Angleton, Danbury is a small town whose establishment was propelled by railroad construction workers from 1905 to 06. Initially, it was only populated by a few ranchers and farmers, thanks to the hundreds of acres of rich land that make up this area. Over time, it grew to have its town center that attracted businesses and settlers.

According to its motto, the small town with a big heart, Danbury boasts several state championships for its local school, the black and gold Danbury Panthers. As a resident of this quiet town, during the hot summer months comfort is definitely your top priority, which is why we at Colley Refrigeration have always been committed to being your go-to HVAC company in Danbury Texas.

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Trusted Expert Air Conditioning Techs in Danbury

Since the last thing you ever want is your AC system to stop working during the summer heat in Danbury. It is vital to ensure that your air conditioning system was professionally installed and maintained on a yearly basis. Luckily for you, Colley Refrigeration is here to take this responsibility off your back and ensure you stay cool and comfortable. We provide affordable AC installations that are complemented with our AC maintenance service plans, which are meant to ensure your AC unit runs efficiently and lasts for many years.

However, since your unit can malfunction at any time, we also offer expert AC repair services in Danbury. You will love that these services are available seven days a week all year long, so you can get back to your usual comfort levels as fast as possible. For old AC units that have seen their better days, we also provide replacement services to save you from the frustrations and high costs of paying for constant repairs.


Residential and Commercial Heating Solutions in Danbury

While Danbury often has short, cool, and windy winters, this is never an excuse to overlook the state of your heating system as you never know when it might come in handy. Sudden temperature fluctuations and rains have been known to make this town cold, making it critical to ensure your furnace is properly functioning. This is where Colley Refrigeration comes to the rescue with 24/7 emergency HVAC services with the expertise to take care of your residential and commercial heating demands.

Whether you need a new heating system installed on your property, professional maintenance & repair services, or a replacement of your old unit, we have you covered. You will appreciate that all these services are provided by an in-house team of state-certified and insured technicians who guarantee nothing less than top-notch solutions. Since we have such tremendous confidence in our services, we always stand behind our services, and if our work does not meet your expectations, we will fix it or refund your money.


Ductwork Services in Danbury

Have you been having problems heating your rooms? Or experiencing breathing issues due to poor indoor air quality? The underlying issue is likely to be a problem with your ductwork, which is the underlying system your HVAC systems rely on for airflow. Luckily for you, Colley Refrigeration is only a phone call away from examining your ductwork and resolving any underlying problems. We offer a full range of ductwork services, and you can rely on us for a new installation, duct rerouting, sealing leaks, and cleaning these systems. To book an appointment for these critical services, get in touch with us today, and we will have our technicians solve your issues in no time.


Ensure your Business is Up and Running with Our Commercial Refrigeration Services

It is not every day you get to think about your commercial refrigerator, but when it suddenly stops working, you are facing the likelihood of taking major losses. Fortunately, this never has to be the case when you have a refrigeration team of reputable technicians at Colley Refrigeration to keep these systems running efficiently. Save your business from coming to a standstill by signing up for our annual refrigeration maintenance plans to help avoid those unexpected breakdowns.

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