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Freeport is located near the mouth of the Brazos River in the Gulf of Mexico and is the 26th largest for international tonnage. Although it was founded in 1912, Freeport’s economic growth began to thrive in the late 1930s with the construction of the Dow Chemical Company. Even today, Dow remains the community’s largest employer and the most significant contributor to the town’s growth.

Once known as the shrimp capital of the Texas Gulf Coast, Freeport has a distinctive coastal charm and tropical beauty that you cannot wish away. As such, it is not surprising that this town attracts thousands of visitors looking for a great place to unwind in Texas. At Colley Refrigeration, our driving objective is to see to it that all the residents live and work in comfortable environments. Our company has ranked #1 in customer reviews for HVAC contractor in Freeport Texas, for many years now.

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Expert AC Service in Freeport

Are you after high-quality and pocket-friendly AC services in Freeport? Look no further than Colley Refrigeration, where we have earned a top spot as the trusted HVAC contractor for turnkey air conditioning services in the city. Our team of technicians has placed us at the very top, enabling us to consecutively be ranked on Ruud’s top 20 contractors in the nation.

As such, there is no question about our deep understanding of the working mechanisms of air conditioners and our never-ending endeavors to introduce our clients to better and more efficient solutions like ductless mini split systems. Therefore, whether you need guidance on the best air conditioner to install on your property or would like annual maintenance of your current AC unit, we are ever ready to provide our superior services. The best part is that you never have to worry about being charged exorbitant rates, as we are one of the most affordable HVAC companies in Freeport.


Let Us Take Care of All Your Heating Needs

Despite Freeport being famous for its moderate climate, you never know when having a well-functioning heating system might come in handy. The heavy rains experienced in the coastal town and significant temperature drops during the winter often make it impossible to stay indoors without a constant heat source. This is where Colley Refrigeration comes to the rescue as the reliable furnace contractor for all your residential and commercial heating needs.

Whether your property already has a furnace installed and requires annual maintenance services or you would like to install modern heat pumps, we have a solution for you. Simply contact us and one of our friendly staff will answer all your questions and help you book an appointment with our technicians.


High-Value Commercial Refrigeration Services

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration services in Freeport that are professionally tailored to suit your business needs. Regardless of the type of refrigerated equipment you use, our technicians can handle the installations, maintenance, and repair of these units. You will particularly love the effectiveness of our planned maintenance packages, whereby our team will conduct extensive checks and serving of your equipment to keep it up and running.

Generally, businesses that opt for these services see a significant reduction in the number of times they need repair services, significantly reducing their cost of ownership. You will further love our upfront pricing to ensure you do not receive an unexpected bill for these services, plus our 100% guarantee on our work.


Air Duct Cleaning in Freeport Texas

Should you have your air ducts cleaned? That’s a good question and here are some things to consider. First, how old is your HVAC unit? Over 5-years old, one should consider air duct cleaning service in Freeport TX. Are you experiencing health problems with breathing or allergies? Are you concerned about covid and other viruses that may be lurking in your ductwork? It is vital to ensure your ductwork is clean and properly functioning to avoid these types of problems with your indoor air quality services.

At Colley Refrigeration, we have the right team to help with the cleaning and repair of your air ducts so that you can live in a safe and comfortable environment. We also provide other indoor air quality solutions such as air purification systems and UV lights to help get rid of contaminants from your air ducts. To know more about these services, contact us today for prompt assistance.

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