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Located 50 miles southeast of Houston, Galveston is a major Texas beach destination. For decades, the town’s Moody Gardens and the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier, along with its amazing restaurants and high-end hotels, have drawn families and vacationers who want a slice of this mini-paradise.

However, besides being a popular resort town in Texas, Galveston has a remarkable history and was once named the “Wall Street of the South” when it became the second most prosperous port in the nation. Galveston’s historical elegance is matched with its gracious hospitality and unique cultural identity that continues to define this tight-knit town. At Colley Refrigeration, we know the high quality of life this town promises and are keen by providing all residents of Galveston with HVAC repair and maintenance solutions.

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Best Galveston’s AC Service Professionals

As a top-rated HVAC company in Galveston, we believe in superior craftsmanship and confidently guarantee high-value AC installations and replacement services. With our team by your side, you never have to worry about staying cool, regardless of how hot it gets in Galveston. So, whether you are moving into a new home or business that requires a new air conditioner or upgrading to a more efficient AC system, we have you covered.

We also offer annual maintenance services to ensure your air conditioner keeps running efficiently for the longest period possible. You can also contact us for AC repair services, which are available seven days a week all year long since you never know when these systems might unexpectedly break down. To learn more about high efficiency HVAC installation in Galveston and pricing, please get in touch with us today.


Complete Duct Cleaning by Seasoned Professionals

A clogged or dirty air duct is the last thing you should have in your home or business, as it will restrict airflow and force your HVAC system to overwork, which only increases your energy bills. All these are issues that would be avoided by having your air ducts professionally cleaned and maintained. Colley Refrigeration has a team of state-certified and insured HVAC contractors in Galveston who are ever ready to help you restore the integrity of these critical airflow systems.

These services will also help improve your indoor air quality in Galveston Texas by getting rid of contaminants that often cling to your ductwork.  Essentially, this means saying goodbye to allergy triggers and ensuring everyone is safe, especially those with breathing conditions such as asthma. To improve your indoor air quality or get your duct cleaned in Galveston, get in touch with us, and we will book you an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Stay Warm Through the Cold Seasons with Our Furnace Service

Even though Galveston, like the greater Texas region, is known for its warmer climate, it still encounters chillier temperatures, especially during the winter months. This means you always need a reliable central heating system to keep you warm whenever the temperatures drop. Luckily for you, Colley Refrigeration’s HVAC installation team is ever at hand to ensure that you have the perfect heating solution to make your home or business cozy.

As a full-service HVAC contractor in Galveston, we can help with all your needs, from new heating system furnace installations and replacements to regular maintenance and expert repairs. You will further love that no matter what heating system you choose or currently own, we have the best furnace technicians to ensure that these units are properly functioning. To know more about our offerings and pricing, contact our Galveston HVAC repair and installation team today and let us keep you warm and cozy at all times.

We have mastered the working mechanisms of traditional heating and cooling systems, making us the ultimate choice for any residential HVAC installation, maintenance and repairs in Sweeny. For one-on-one discussions about how we can keep your home or business warm or cool, give us a call today for all your furnace, boiler, HVAC and heat pump needs.


Commercial Refrigeration Services in Galveston

For years, Colley Refrigeration has remained the number one choice for commercial refrigeration services in Galveston and the greater Brazoria County. We work with a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who have helped hundreds of businesses in the town to install, maintain, and repair refrigeration equipment from different manufacturers. So, if you want industry specialists to cater to all your commercial refrigeration needs, give our refrigeration service team in Galveston a call, and you will never have to lose money or sleep because of your equipment.

Our Galveston Customers Are Thrilled with Our HVAC Services

Ron Miles
Ron Miles
May 22, 2024
I chose Colley to replace both of my HVAC units. They did a fantastic job. Matt as the project manager, Juan and Hector did the tear out and installation, and Greg made sure it all worked as it was supposed too! I gave them 5 stars!
Doris Bengtson
Doris Bengtson
May 21, 2024
I want to share how appreciative we are for OUTSTANDING customer service/satisfaction/support we have had with Colley Refrigeration. Greg has been our service technician on majority of our service calls and he has been a great listener to helping us fine tune our new ac unit and accommodating the duct work to help rectify the situation. We recently had an issue with our new ac unit that and David Hargrove, owner, also deserves a huge 5 star. Our original AC unit was installed by another company; however, via a recent acquisition Colley Refrigeration took on all the customers. We have had our ac barely 1 1/2 yrs and our ac stopped cooling. Greg communicated to us and David what codes were being sent via the ac unit. David contacted my husband and approximately one week later they installed a new part that should "RECTIFY" and not cause us any problems. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is the solution. My husband and I truly appreciate David wanting to keep our business and standing behind the service of our new unit. Companies like this I will continue to do business with and promote to other consumers. It is rarity in today's world that you find companies that will STAND UP for you when a system fails that should not be. KUDDOS TO THIS COMPANY, OWNER, AND SERVICE TECHNICIANS! You definitely have gained a customer who will share what a great company you have and the amazing customer service and support!
Steven C
Steven C
May 8, 2024
Greg is the first honest A/C person that I have ever had work at my house. He operates with character and integrity and works hard to uphold the statement that the Customer's comfort is their only business. Greg oversaw Lalo's team of duct installers and everyone worked very hard and were friendly, respectful and even quiet. I do not even recognize my attic space. These guys transformed my duct work into an efficient and non-leaking system. I can finally move around in my attic!! I regret only that I did not use Colley first as I hired and paid two other local companies first and they made a complete mess of my leaky duct work. Greg assured me that he would change my perception of A/C companies and his team did just that. In one day, when everyone else took 3 days.
Brenda Laird
Brenda Laird
May 3, 2024
The office staff were very sweet and helpful when I called Colley Refrigeration and requested that a technician be sent to my house to advise me about my HVAC unit. Mike Williams came and advised me that my unit (bought in 1984!) needed to be replaced. Mike is a wonderful, personable, knowledgeable tech. He was just delightful. I look very much forward to requesting that he come to my house in the spring and fall every year to service the unit that Colley installed for me. The installing crew were Lalo, Juan, Hector, and Andres, and I have never had a nicer crew of any kind do work in my house. Matt Mayberry was the Project Manager. Matt has been so helpful. He came to my house to check on the job, answer my questions, and give me my paperwork, and then he later answered more questions for me. Matt is very patient and kind. Greg Barton and Dustin came to do the install inspection. They did a great job and took time to answer all of my remaining questions. I'm absolutely delighted with Colley Refrigeration. I look forward to many years of association with them. I feel that have found an extension to my family in this group of kind and competent professionals. I would highly recommend Colley Refrigeration to anyone.
Kathy Reed
Kathy Reed
April 17, 2024
We called right at closing time. Greg came out immediately to fix our problem. He was so nice and explained everything well.
Sandra Baldwin
Sandra Baldwin
April 4, 2024
Colley Refrigeration was courteous and professional at all times of the installation of our HVAC system. They were prompt and kept us informed at all times. When the installers were finished, they cleaned up all areas and we were informed about the coming procedure of the final inspection. That was finished in a timely manner and we were informed about what services were provided in full. We signed off on the installation with the inspector knowing that the system was fully functional! We are now enjoying our system and know that Colley Refrigeration will be there if any further assistance is needed. If you are looking for a new system for your home or business you need to give them a call. Fast, honest, and professional is what they represent..
John MacWilliams
John MacWilliams
April 2, 2024
good service person knew what they were doing
Jim Martin
Jim Martin
March 15, 2024
Nothing ever good about having to get a new HVAC not so much for the great price but for the inconvenience alone. Let me tell y’all the Colley crew led by Lalo was absolutely awesome to deal with. Total replacement less duct work and they were in and out in 5 or so hours. Kennedy was great as Project manager and Greg was very thorough with the system check and explanations to me. Told me how to troubleshoot the system on my phone . I said didn’t need it I would just call Emilye!! Good Christian family-run business very involved in their community. Love us some Colley Refrigeration. Give them a call for all your HVAC business needs both new and repair. I tell you they will take great care of you and your home.
Lori Kraemer
Lori Kraemer
March 1, 2024
Wonderful experience with Colley!