Why Free Equipment Offers are Never Free

Published On May 3, 2019

Why Free Equipment

What’s the catch? Some companies will advertise a free furnace but then upcharge for everything – even the glue to put your grilles back on

You may have seen the ads, “Free Furnace with a Qualifying AC system”. It may sound tempting,: who doesn’t want something for free? But don’t fall for it. A/C systems are sold as a package complete matched system and that includes the outdoor unit called a condenser and the indoor units called the furnace and evaporator coil or air handler. Sure you could just buy the condenser. We have seen people buy the condenser only and attempt to pair it with, but pairing it with existing older indoor equipment indoors will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness only to discover they are incompatible and cannot function together. And once installed, HVAC system components can no longer be returned.

The components that make up an HVAC system (indoor and outdoor) must be matched for size, and efficiency, and refrigerant compatibility. Only certain components can go together to create the efficiency you’ll needa functional system for your home. And no reputable HVAC company is going to give away equipment if they intend to be in business long term. They will build the cost of the furnace into the condenser to cover the cost of it being “free” while adding upcharges for every conceivable thing. These silly ads are just a way to get you to call – an advertising tactic. Don’t take the bait – you’re smarter than that, so when you are looking for a system replacement or repair, call a reputable company with a long history of serving the community – like Colley’s Refrigeration. We offer upfront pricing and caring professionals that will exceed your expectations. Give us a call today 979-265-4711

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