Why Your HVAC System Is so Important to Your Home in Texas

Published On December 6, 2022


We live in the Lone Star Star State. Texas is like its own country, and you know what kind of temperature fluctuations we experience throughout the year—from the mid-90s or above in the summer and average lows of 50°F in the winter. Temperature fluctuations affect our metabolism, our emotional state, and our motivation and productivity. Too hot and we just don’t want to do anything; too cold and we can’t focus on anything other than how cold we feel!

A properly functioning HVAC system keeps you safe and comfortable in the summer, particularly on those days when it seems as if the sun will bake your skin right off your bones. If you live in West Texas, you can almost feel the moisture evaporating out of your body, and with the humidity in East Texas, you sometimes feel as if you’re going to bake from the inside out. While it’s great to get outside and enjoy clear weather, on those particularly hot days, it’s important to have a place of refuge where you can keep your body properly hydrated and bring your body temperature back to a safe, comfortable level.

Freezing temperatures do not occur frequently, but they are not uncommon in Texas. Some folks may remember Abilene in 1947, when the temperature dropped to -9°F, or Austin in 1949 when the temperature fell to -2°F, but it’s a sure bet that a lot of folks will never forget the winter of 1985 when the temperature in Midland-Odessa plummeted to -11°F. The point is, we live in a relatively warm southern area on the Gulf Coast, and temperatures like those just mentioned are an anomaly. But in the Houston area, we do get our fair share of winter spells when the temperature will drop below freezing for a few straight days, when you most definitely will need to turn on the heat in your house.

Don’t let anyone kid you; no one can completely predict the weather, so it’s important to keep your HVAC system maintained so it functions properly at the moment when you need it most. Contact Colley Refrigeration and let’s talk about the importance of a regular maintenance program—the best way to make your HVAC system last as long as it’s supposed—or maybe even longer.

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