Winter Saving Tips

Published On November 30, 2018

Winter Saving Tips

Winter is here and so are Colley’s free tips on how to save energy and money while maintaining your comfort.

• If you’re at home during the day, take advantage of the natural heat from the sunlight. Open your south facing curtains to allow the beautiful sunlight to warm up your home. Be sure to close your curtains when the sun goes down or when no one is home to reap the warmth.
Adjust your thermostat as low high as possible you prefer for your personal comfort but dial it back a couple of degrees when you are asleep or not at home over an 8 hour period. You can save up to 10% on your electricity bill by implementing this tip. For ultimate convenience and savings, invest in a smart thermostat that’ll allow you to program your temperature settings to your schedule or control your system when you’re not at home.
• Take some time to detect your air leaks and seal them accordingly. Gaps and unfinished spaces oftentimes allow air to escape and eventually increases your energy bills. You can also caulk or weather-strip your leaky doors and windows for even more savings.
Take care of those drafty windows. By sealing heavy-duty plastic on a frame or taping clear plastic film to the inside of your window, you can help reduce infiltration and improve energy efficiency.

These are just some things you can do at home to improve energy efficiency, but you can also conduct an energy audit to find where you can save the most. This will help you make larger investments for long-term energy savings. Making sure your system gets regular maintenance also will be able to save you money in the long run, making sure your system is working at its prime and avoiding unnecessary repairs. For a limited time only, Colley is offering a free maintenance contract for a YEAR (a $170 value). Don’t spend more than you need this Winter and call Colley today (979) 265-4711!

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